Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Instead of looking back at all I wish I'd done, at this semester's end, I am choosing focus on all I am grateful for!

  • My students writing their lives on the page and sharing pieces of their stories. 
  • The beautiful blogs crafted with creative ideas and color mixes that made my eyes and heart happy. 
  • The gratitude I could hear in their words reflecting on the time they spent with their Case Study students.
  • The nuggets of understanding they will take forward
  • The "yet" that holds the hope that in spite of me, they will continue to grow and evolve into a reflective, loving, learning, and patient practitioner.
  • Their hugs, thank-yous, and sweet-spirited souls
This morning I read Our Daily Bread online. Printed in large font were the words God's care for me eases my mind. Today I am thankful that God's care for my students eases my mind. To know that I don't have to worry about the likely gaps in my instruction... He's got us. Taking care of God's precious children in the right ways will happen, in spite and despite. ☝

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

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