Monday, June 5, 2017

Why I Write

I write. Even when I don't I am composing thoughts in my mind. They are fleeting thoughts, gone without a trace, hidden from recall, unless I write them down. Today in our Summer Institute we pondered the age old question "why do you write?". And so I listed some of the reasons I write. 

  • to remember 
  • organize
  • honor
  • understand 
  • to break information apart
  • to put it back together
  • to understand and figure out my next move
  • to forget or remember the past
  • sometimes I don't but it is always on my mind
  • to problem solve 
  • for purpose
  • to get better at writing
  • to remember the struggle I ask of my students
  • to model 
  • because I believe that clear, truthful writing is the highest form of thought
  • because I want to be a better writer
When I write, I remember I can do this, even when I don't. Words sink through to the depths of my soul, soaked in pain then emerge tight-fisted and strong. 

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