Monday, March 7, 2016

The Good Ole Days

Leafing through my photos I stumbled upon this cute picture of me and a couple Texas teachers. I knew one of them from the Central Texas Writing Project, but the other I met on the plane ride there. We were on our way to Vegas for the Nat'l Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) annual bash. Vegas and a teachers convention? Not the best fit in my mind, but so much fun.

I hope every teacher, at some point, has the opportunity to attend a national literacy convention at least once.

I miss the days that I had several opportunities a year to travel and meet with like minds to learn, exchange ideas, and bond.

I miss the days when our schools had adequate funding to buy books, materials and deliver meaningful, ongoing PD.

There are still opportunities for growth. BUT you must seek them. You must learn new spaces for interaction. You must stretch beyond comfort zones. You must really want it.

Do we want it enough guide our own learning? I think everyone slicing is either there of on their way.

Cheers to all who are writing. Cheers to all who make it a point to read, do better, be better.

Our students' lives depend on our continued learning.


  1. Conferences are so much fun and a great place to connect and learn. Thanks for the post.

  2. I've yet to go to a conference. I'm hoping I will this year. Thanks for the reminder to keep seeking out new spaces for interaction. I love that phrase "new spaces for interaction."

  3. This is such a great community to learn and connect --cheers!

  4. Giving ourselves time to write is a gift, indeed. I like your do over blog.
    Today's post made me remember a few national conventions. Such good times and such rich learning experiences!
    I'm doing the second annual Pacific Coast Literacy Institute - that'll be my summer vacation, my reward for working all summer.

  5. So many great memories traveling to/with/for NWP events and other conferences. It's so true that it's getting more and more difficult to carve out that time for our own growth. Thanks for the reminder and for sharing your post today!